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5 Simple Ways For You To Lose Suffering, Struggle and Stress Without Losing Your Mind! 🐶

You can feel even better than this! ;) Picture by Marion Michele on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why you have a mind? If it’s to help us successfully navigate through life, why do our minds so often trip us up?

I’m looking at you bad habits, self-defeating behaviours, and the occasional torrent of awful thoughts that can lead to some really grim places mentally and emotionally.

When I was young, I’d sometimes look at animals, particularly dogs, and envy them.

Their lives seemed so simple, they were happy, or they were sad. When they were sad, they seemed to resolve it and bounce back to happiness in almost no time at all.

They lived in the moment, and found so much wonder and joy in even the simplest things.

I actually wondered if there was a way for me to “dumb down” to that level of consciousness, and lose all the awful mental chatter that occupied my mind throughout each day.

As terrible as that may sound to you, at the time, it certainly seemed an improvement on my regular mental diet of:

* Overthinking * Racing anxiety * Ineffective controlling and compulsive behaviours * Paralysing fear * Huge waves of guilt * Confusion and self-doubt * Immobilising shame

with sides of

* Self-loathing, * Internalised rage * Panic attacks and /or

* Suicidal depression

depending on my appetite, energy and perspectives on any particular day ... 🙁

The penny drops:

After a good few exhausting years of this, I realised: “Maybe it’s not my mind that’s the problem. Maybe it’s the way I’m using it?”

See, what I realised was that the mind is a tool, like a phone or a fork, so it’s not inherently “good” or “bad”, but it can definitely be used in ways that help us or hinder us.

Call a friend, or call an enemy, feed on healthy, delicious, nutritious food, or feed on addicting, toxic, deadly food. The choice is yours each day.

But that wasn’t enough. I had to figure out exactly how to do that. And that’s where the fun stuff starts.

My big discovery: 🙂

I discovered that just as you can choose who you call, or what you eat, with practice, you can easily choose how you experience and interact with life, whatever’s going on in your world.

This means that with practice, you can create lasting power, well-being, comfort and success in your life, even when the external circumstances don’t seem to line up with that, or even seem against it!

Long story short:

Now - a good few years later - I’ve fine-tuned all this stuff, road-tested the best of the best, and taught it to scores of people around the world.

So I have a working model of what works and how to apply it to get the best results. The good news is - at its core, it’s really simple.

In fact, it’s so simple, I’ve been able to effectively teach these 5 simple changes that you can make today to create lasting power, well-being, comfort and success in your life, to people from all walks of life.

With amazing results:

And I’ve seen the people who learn these 5 simple changes get the same amazing results in their lives as I’ve got in mine:

* Increased happiness and well-being. * Daily progress towards their goals. * Living according to their highest values, and loving the choices they’re making. * Discovering a deep and effective personal power that they can activate anytime they need to, that they didn’t even know existed before. * Creating success on their own terms, day by day. * And finally losing that ongoing experience of suffering, struggle and stress, while actually increasing their sense of clarity, peace, grounding and effectiveness, every day!

As I said, I’ve been teaching people around the world how to do this for a few years through my coaching company, Get Results, and now you too can learn and apply these changes for yourself today.

Just register for the free training, here:


Level up!

As fun as it might be to imagine having the mind of a Golden Lab or a Pekinese for a day, it’s much more fun to have your own mind actually working at optimum levels, and being able to experience the joy and the wonder of overcoming obstacles, achieving your goals, and just enjoying the everyday awesomeness of life as an intelligent, self-directing, right thinking, good feeling human being.

Try it today! 😉 http://www.getresults.co/training

All the best!

James F Clark Success Coach Get Results Coaching

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