• James F Clark

Beliefs Upgrade ☝️

Here's another simple exercise that can you can do to help you improve your outlook into one that's more positive.

1. Ask yourself, "What's wrong?"

2. Write it down.

3. Now look at what you've written down, and recognise that that statement is a belief. It may also be a fact, or a description of something. That's irrelevant right now. We're just going to notice that, as well as whatever else it is, it's a belief.

4. Ask yourself, "What would be a more helpful belief?"

5. Write that new more helpful belief down, (it may just be a change of focus or emphasis).

6. Choose to practice this new belief instead.

7. If you still feel a bit "off", repeat from #1, and see what else comes up for you.

Job done!

This exercise may seem super simple (as it is), but it's been so helpful to me and many others. I have a diary where I scribble my unhelpful beliefs down many days, and it's amazing to see something that seemed totally "true" and "unbeatable", changing before my eyes!  

I hope that's helpful. If you're looking for more helpful exercises, do check out the free training as well.

All the best,


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