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Praise from previous and current coaching clients

A list which includes CEOs, senior executives, business owners, international entrepreneurs, prize-winning authors, self-made millionaires, and royalty:

“I wrote “success would look like this“ in late 2017 and I’m basically there now [just over 12 months later].“

“It's been life-changing working with you. I doubt that I ever would have got this far on my own.“

”It has been 100% what I needed.” 

“I was so ready for this ... I didn't even dare to believe how powerful the changes would be.“

“I've spent years struggling and tens of thousands of pounds under the care of therapists, gurus and other specialists and honestly I've made more progress working with you in the last 6 weeks than I did with all of them combined.“

“This has been enormously helpful in helping me figure out my goals and priorities and strategies and has helped me to improve my productivity and motivation.”

“I was quite skeptical about how useful coaching would be, but within the first hour of talking with Jazz I found my life changing for the better in ways I hadn’t even imagined.“ 

Our coaching relationship has helped me set targets and maintain them. It’s built and honed habits I either didn’t have, or wasn’t using, and structured mechanisms in my day to day life that are now invaluable. 

”Coaching with Jasmine will help you 'Get Results' like nothing else!"

“It's mind-blowing to see the numbers and see how quickly and easily I've moved from point A to point B.“ 

Being coached to find the confidence and belief to move on from a situation that was a massive negative for me, no matter how I was invested within that situation, has been amazing.

“Your coaching has been worth at least 10 times what I've paid you over the last year!  I would never have guessed that it could have this huge of an impact on my life.“

“I'm honestly gobsmacked when I look at how far I've come.“

Working with Jasmine has been such a smooth and understanding process.

“Jazz helped me to bring my attention and awareness to the things that really mattered most to me, and helped me begin to find ways to make them the focus of my world.“ 

I’m usually a bit cynical about this kind of thing and about seeking help, feeling I can work through these things on my own. I was proven wrong pretty much immediately on working with Jasmine.

Jazz’s wit, intelligence and method gets results.

The success of the process of moving on from a business project I’d dedicated my life to for 4 years previous can not be understated.

I’m super grateful to my friend for encouraging me to work with Jazz. It instigated significant change in my working and personal life for which I’m now seeing a daily benefit.

The difference after 4 - 6 weeks was considerable, from being heavily embedded and a bit lost, to new challenges being sought out.

“Your insights and support have been invaluable, I will be recommending you to all my friends!“

“Jazz has made me see that simplifying the situation and refocusing your attention enables you to seek control again.“

Having the coaching connection with you week on week which is objective with very little emotional strain has been so valuable.

“Jazz's training opened my eyes to the incredible opportunities hidden in plain sight.  The coaching helped me to access those opportunities, and create many more in my life." 

Everyone needs a Jazz in their life!“

”If you want to transform your sense of self and 10X your success in your business or personal life, I'd definitely recommend Jasmine Clark and Get Results Coaching.”

“I hope we're still working together in 20 years' time!“

Highly recommended.

“Your coaching has saved my life.  I don't know what else to say!"

5 very big stars!”


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