Queer Life Coaching is the name of the 2-hour monthly online group coaching workshops I host exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community, and allies. 


There is a waitlist for these online workshops, if you are interested in being added, please tell me about yourself in the contact form on this page thanks!  😊

One-on-one and group coaching

As this is a group coaching session, all one-on-one coaching will be provided in the group setting.  This is so that others with similar goals, challenges and questions can learn from your interactions, and you from theirs. 


In these monthly interactive workshops, I guide you through a simple framework to:

1) Clarify your aims and objectives for the month ahead.
2) Use your challenges to leverage positive change.
3) Develop a game plan for your goals.
4) Put into place specific actions for this month.

What you will achieve

You will complete this relaxed 2-hour workshop encouraged, inspired and with a practical game plan to carry out a series of specific, self-defined, manageable actions through the rest of the month.


You're encouraged to pay a meaningful amount which reflects your commitment to do the work you need to do in the month following the workshop.

Suggested payment tiers

Full-time employed, £10 +
Part-time employed, £5 +
Unemployed or low income, as you can.

These fees are considerably lower than my private one-on-one personal coaching fees, to allow access to those in the community who may not have the same opportunities as others who work with me.

Queer Life Coaching - group workshops in Leeds, England

I'm now offering these group workshops for the LGBTQIA+ community in person, at a great local community venue in Leeds, England.  The workshops happen once a month, as above. 

For more details, see the link here: linktr.ee/queerlifecoaching